Above are just some of the Companies that our Model Girl and Guy winners have appeared on





Anyone can be your sponsor!

if you are chosen for Miss Teen Top Model UK or Junior Model UK  2022 competition, you will need to travel to  Cheshire at your own cost on Sunday 26th June 2022 to take part with your parent or guardian if under 18, and you must be willing to find a shop /company to sponsor you in  the UK final . 

Your parents could ask a local business or shop to sponsor you such as your local hairdresser, beauty salons, photography's, jewellery shops, clothing shops, Prom dress shops, the health club / gym or any other business in your local area for good online PR exposure

It’s that easy!  


Voluntary Fundraising

Miss Teen & Junior Model UK

 Supporting charities 

Voluntary fundraising

To date: we have raised funds for  Cancer, children's, and homeless charities with the kind support from some of the Model Contestants and the public at our events. 

Thank you!

All the funds raised are raised through a simple  raffle or a collation in the charity tin at our pageant competitions and  are forwarded to our designated charity that we are supporting.  

We normally expect a representative of the charity to be present at the Miss Teen Model UK event.

 please contact us by email

For more information email info@modelsearchuk.com